About Us

We are your
one-stop shop.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to achieve precision cutting, ensuring flawlessly aligned holes and seamless connections. 

Our skilled team is proficient in executing fabrication projects based on approved plans, ensuring that every specification is met to your satisfaction.

Specializing in structural fabrication, we are well-positioned to surpass any expectations you may have. 

Whether it’s columns, trusses, or frames, rest assured that our expertise and capabilities encompass a wide range of structural components, allowing us to deliver a complete solution tailored to your needs.



We hold the following business licenses in California, Arizona and Nevada:
CA 587158, C51 Structural Steel
AZ ROC236178, A-11 Steel & Aluminum Erection
NV 0069997, C14B Structural Steel
Clark County Approved Fabricator License #FAB-02378 Exp. 08/29/2023

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