Alien Baker

Alien Beef Jerky Museum is a testament to human creativity, a place where the wonders of the universe and culinary delights meet in a spectacular building. With its striking exterior, the building is a masterpiece, a product of detailed, skilled craftsmanship of Smith Ironworks teams. 

Signs - Custom Design

Our custom sign workshop specializes in creating unique, personalized signs using a high-tech plasma table. This table provides precise cutting of complex designs submitted by our customers.  then cut by our plasma table. For added durability and aesthetic enhancement,  lasting piece of art.

Mod - House Frames

Smith Ironworks is recognized for crafting structural frames for modular homes. Starting in our advanced workshop, every frame is custom-built according to clients’ specifications, irrespective of size. Our experienced craftsmen and engineers work to ensure each frame meets stringent quality and precision standards. 


Smith Ironworks are seasoned professionals in decking, adding it to a range of projects using our advanced stud welding equipment. This technology lets us install decking rapidly and securely. Our skilled technicians handle the machinery, ensuring accurate and safe decking installation, aligning parameters with specific project needs. 

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