Shears are an integral part of metal fabrication, shaping and forming metal sheets to required specifications.

At their core, shears work by using two metal blades to cut through sheet metal. These blades are typically arranged in a way that they resemble a pair of scissors. One blade is fixed, while the other moves, delivering force to cut the metal sheet. When the movable blade is pressed against the fixed one, it slices through the metal, cutting it into the desired shape or size.

We can handle materials from as thin as 22 gauge sheet metal to as thick as half-inch plates. They can also accommodate up to 10-foot wide materials, making them great for large-scale projects. Smith Ironworks shears maintain the same high-quality, smooth cuts regardless of the thickness or size of the material.

Whether you’re handling delicate sheet metal or hefty thick plates, the shears at Smith Ironworks deliver precise cuts every time.

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