Press Brake

Press Brake

Smith Ironworks is proud to offer their robust 200-ton Press Brake service, a cornerstone of precision metal forming. A Press Brake is a machine pressing tool used for bending sheet and plate material, primarily sheet metal. This machine utilizes a pair of dies that clamp the metal to form predetermined bends. The 200-ton specification refers to the amount of force that the machine can exert, allowing it to handle a broad range of metal thicknesses, making it a highly versatile tool in metal fabrication.

Our Press Brake has an impressive 10-foot width capacity, making it ideal for forming large or wide pieces of metal. This capability, combined with the 200-ton force, allows Smith Ironworks to handle a diverse range of projects, from creating intricate small components to bending large industrial parts. The precision with which this machine operates ensures that every bend it creates is accurate to the project’s specifications, providing a superior level of detail and quality.

Whether you’re in need of a unique, single-piece creation or high-volume production, Smith Ironworks’ Press Brake service is designed to deliver precision and efficiency at every turn.

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