handrails and rails

At Smith Ironworks, we offer custom fabrication of handrails and rails, to ensure safety and accessibility. Our team brings together technical expertise and aesthetics, creating functional yet attractive rails suited to your specific design needs. Whether for staircases, balconies, walkways, or ramps, we craft each piece with precision and attention to detail.

canopies and domes

Smith Ironworks excels in the fabrication of canopies and domes, offering solutions tailored to your architectural needs. Our expert team brings together technical proficiency and aesthetic vision to create structures that not only offer protection from weather but also enhance aesthetic appeal.

carport beams

Smith Ironworks offers top-tier fabrication services for carport beams, a key structural component in the construction of carports. These beams serve as the backbone of your carport, bearing the weight and providing the structural integrity needed to withstand various weather conditions.

embeds and trash

Smith Ironworks offers a diverse range of services, including the fabrication of embeds and trash enclosures.
Embeds are elements that provide anchor points and structural reinforcement for concrete structures. They are typically embedded in concrete and serve as connection points for structural and non-structural attachments. Our team crafts custom embeds designed to meet the specific load-bearing requirements and specifications of your project.

hoppers and complete plant fabrication

Smith Ironworks also handles the fabrication of hoppers and complete plant fabrication.
Hoppers are a component in many industrial processes, used for collecting and dispensing bulk materials. Our custom-made hoppers are designed with a keen understanding of the material flow characteristics, ensuring the best performance for your specific application. We use durable materials to ensure that our hoppers can withstand the weight and abrasiveness of the materials they handle, while maintaining efficient operation.


Smith Ironworks has years of experience in stair construction, an essential architectural element that adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any space. From indoor staircases that enhance the beauty of your interior design to outdoor stairs that stand up to the elements, our team is dedicated to creating high-quality, durable stair structures.

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