Shears are an integral part of metal fabrication, shaping and forming metal sheets to required specifications.
At their core, shears work by using two metal blades to cut through sheet metal. These blades are typically arranged in a way that they resemble a pair of scissors. One blade is fixed, while the other moves, delivering force to cut the metal sheet. When the movable blade is pressed against the fixed one, it slices through the metal, cutting it into the desired shape or size.

Plasma Precision Cutting

One advantage of the Plasma Precision cutting service at Smith Ironworks is the minimal heat-affected zone (HAZ) during the cutting process. The high-speed, concentrated energy of the plasma beam ensures that heat is localized only to the area being cut, reducing warping or structural changes in the material. This high level of precision, combined with their expert technicians’ skill and understanding of material properties, ensures high-quality, consistent results.

Press Brake

Smith Ironworks is proud to offer their robust 200-ton Press Brake service, a cornerstone of precision metal forming. A Press Brake is a machine pressing tool used for bending sheet and plate material, primarily sheet metal. This machine utilizes a pair of dies that clamp the metal to form predetermined bends. The 200-ton specification refers to the amount of force that the machine can exert, allowing it to handle a broad range of metal thicknesses, making it a highly versatile tool in metal fabrication.


Welcome to our Welding services page! Here at Smith Ironworks, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of welding solutions, carefully tailored to meet your project’s specific needs. As a certified LA City Fabricator, our commitment to quality is demonstrated through the highest standards of workmanship and adherence to established industry codes.

Automatic Saw Cutting

At Smith Ironworks, we’re committed to delivering exceptional precision and efficiency in all aspects of metal fabrication, and our Automatic Saw Cutting services are no exception.
Automatic Saw Cutting is a process that employs the use of advanced machinery to produce precise, consistent cuts in metal materials.

Beam Camber Machine

A Beam Camber Machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to curve or “camber” steel beams. In the context of construction and architecture, cambering is a process that involves giving a slight upward curve to beams. This curve is engineered to counteract deflection caused by loads and forces acting upon the beam when it is in use, ultimately enhancing the performance and integrity of the structure.


Welcome to our Rolling services at Smith Ironworks! Our specialized rolling process caters to a broad range of projects with an 8-foot width capacity and the ability to handle materials up to 3/16″ thick plates. We expertly manipulate and curve metal to meet precise specifications.

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