Beam Camber Machine

Beam Camber Machine

A Beam Camber Machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to curve or “camber” steel beams. In the context of construction and architecture, cambering is a process that involves giving a slight upward curve to beams. This curve is engineered to counteract deflection caused by loads and forces acting upon the beam when it is in use, ultimately enhancing the performance and integrity of the structure.

The cambering process itself is a complex task that requires significant force and precision. Here, the Beam Camber Machine shines by applying a specific degree of pressure to the beam at particular points to create the desired curve. This precise manipulation allows for the customization of beams according to the specifications of different projects.

At Smith Ironworks, our Beam Camber Machine has a capacity to accommodate up to W36x210 beams. Our expert team works with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every beam we process meets the exact curving requirements, contributing to the successful realization of structural projects.

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